RHL have recently invested in the Waste Management and Recycling industry.

This growing sector is becoming increasingly important in our society as we try to control the vast amounts of waste that go to landfill in Northern Ireland each year.

RHL have acquired a licensed Materials Recycling Facility outside Belfast which currently recycles over 92%of waste that come through the gate. RHL are committed to continuous investment to get this percentage even higher and to eventually reduce the output to zero.

As a result of our recycling capacity particularly from demolition wastes we can offer a variety of products to the construction industry. Our recycled products include;

  • 75mm Crushed Hardcore
  • 20mm Pipe Bedding
  • Recycled Dust
  • Top Soil

All these products are recycled in accordance with the WRAP Quality Protocol and are certified to BS EN 933-11:2009/BS EN 933-1:1997. These test certificates are available upon request.